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Sculpture Commissions

All of my sculptures are hand made from polymer clay. They are painted with acrylic paint, and then coated with a protective sealant. I spend a great deal of time working on each of my figures, making sure every detail is in place and looks right.



Payment for sculptures is accepted through Paypal.  If you have an Etsy account, I can also accept credit cards directly through Etsy, though there may be a small additional fee included. Commissions priced $50 and under must be paid in full before I can begin working on your sculpture.  For any commissions over that price, a minimum 50% deposit is required to lock in your commission slot.  Once the commission is finished and you are satisfied with the result, the rest of the payment will be due. Sculptures will NOT be shipped until payment is received in full.

Wait Time

Wait time for a sculpture will vary depending on size, complexity, as well as the amount of commissions I am currently working on at the time. Please inquire further if you wish to have a more accurate timeline.  Please let me know at the time of commissioning if you have a specific due date for your sculpture.  I will do my best to accommodate due dates, but please understand that this may not always be possible.  Rush orders are occasionally available for an additional fee.


Refunds are taken on a case-by-case basis.  If I have not started work on your commission a full refund will be given.  Once the commission has been baked is non-refundable except in extreme situations.


Throughout the sculpting process I will send you several sets of progress photos for your approval.  Depending on size and detail of the piece, I will typically send 1-2 sets of photos during the sculpting phase.  Minor revisions may be made to pose and details during this phase.  Once the sculpture is baked you may not make changes to any sculptural aspects.  A final approval photo will be sent once the sculpture is painted.  At this point you may request revisions to the paint job.  Please note that due to the painting process it may not be possible to change major parts such as a character's main color, etc.  I do my very best to remain as accurate as I can to your character's color pallete, so please be sure that you provide me with accurate reference photos at the time of commissioning.


Pricing for sculptures will vary greatly depending on size, pose, complexity of the character, etc.  Characters with large amounts of detail(clothes, lots of fur, wings, intricate markings) will increase the price.  A wooden base may be added to most sculptures for an additional fee.  Please note that certain poses may require the use of a base as well.   Human and human-like characters are taken on a case by case basis, and will be considerably more expensive than creature sculptures.  I currently do not offer fully realistic style sculptures of humans or animals.

The following are some starting prices for sculpture commissions.  Please contact me with a detailed description of your desired sculpture to receive a more accurate price quote. 

Small sculptures or charms(1-2in tall)

Simple Design: $20 and up

Examples: Sculpture-Meowth Sculpture-Chibiterasu (6)

Complex Design: $35 and up

Sculpture-Raichu (8) Sculpture-Toothless (5)

Medium sculptures(3-4in tall)

Simple Design: $50 and up

Growlithe3 ghost_trick_missile_sculpture_version_2_by_leiliak-d568ed1

Complex Design: $70 and up


Large sculptures(4.5+in)

Simple Design: $80 and up

kuma_the_wolf_sculpture_by_leiliakimozoku-d4y2odl little_naga_sculpture_by_leiliak-d59tqrd

Complex Design: $120 and up

Examples:Arcanine2 TeemoFinalEdit

Shipping is based on weight, but will usually be around $5-$10 within the US. If you are outside the US shipping can vary greatly but will typically be between $10-$25.

I also make: Ornaments, Necklaces, Pins, Magnets, Earrings, Business Card Holders, etc. Please inquire for custom pricing on these items.

You can see more Examples of my work in my gallery here:

Pop-Out Bottle Cap Sculpture Commission Form

Pop-Out sculptures have characters sculpted into bottle caps that appear to be "popping out".  These characters are made from polymer clay and sculpted inside a real bottle cap.  They are painted with acrylic paint and sealed with a protective gloss glaze.  You may choose between a pin, magnet, or necklace backing so that you may display your bottle cap in many places. 

Backings (5)

Pop-Out sculpture commissions range from $15-$25+$3($10 outside the US) shipping.  Orders must be paid in full before I can begin work on your item.  Please allow approximately 2 weeks for your sculpture to be completed and ready for shipping.


Necklace-Fennekin   Necklace-Applejack (2)


If you are interested in a commission or a price quote, please drop me an e-mail at lindseyhein@gmail.com and I would be more than happy to discuss the details with you!

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